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Who is Dovey?

About Us

In the early 1980s, at the top the Cascade Mountain range in Oregon, two young boys were exploring their new 40-acre farm. Upon climbing up a hill, one little boy was terrified when a big white head, pointy ears, and eyes suddenly poked up over the top of the hill. Terrified, he yelled to his younger brother, "Bear!" and they both ran down the hill as fast as possible.

Behind them, a large white presence lazily loped after them. Upon arriving at their house and to the safety of their parents, the boys were relieved to find that it was not a bear after all, but actually a kind looking oversized Samoyed dog. "Dovey" as she was named by the boys' mother due to her sweet and kind disposition, appeared to be homeless. Dovey appeared the day those boys arrived at their new home, and she stayed for years until she passed away. Dovey was a faithful guide and always with Michael and Jon while they explored their mountain property. Whether true or not, Dovey is fondly remembered in the sense of a Native American spirit guide that was the guardian of that mountain property and those two young boys.

Why People Try Dovey CBD

While we will never make any claims about cannabinoid's (CBD's) ability to heal or cure ailments or illness. What we know from personal experience and the anecdotal responses from our customers, is that CBD oil is an effective and natural way to improve well-being.

  • Can help with pain relief.
  • May help reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Can alleviate the symptoms of a spectrum of ailments.
  • May help improve sleep.
  • May function as an antioxidant.
  • May help reduce chronic inflammation.

The Dovey Promise

"At Dovey we are committed to providing science-backed CBD nutrition and education without compromise. All products are double third party tested and sourced from the cleanest US grown, phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp plants available."
The Dovey Team

The Dovey CBD Product Line for People


Full Spectrum
Organic CBD Oil

CBD: 45 mg / Serving - 1,350mg / bottle


Strawberry Lemonade
30 Gummies / Pack - 10 mg CBD / Serving

Sports Cream

Cool Menthol
CBD: 4 oz / Pump - 400 mg / Pump

The Dovey CBD Product Line for Pets 


CBD Tincture for Pets

Natural Flavor
CBD: 3.75 mg / Serving - 450mg / bottle

CBD Dog Treats

Beef Flavored
CBD: 2 MG / Serving - 60mg / Jar

Common Questions

How to Find the Best CBD Brands

Are you looking for information on CBD brands? We are often asked what is the best brand for a full spectrum CBD oil or just the best CBD oil for everyday use. There are many brands out there, but not all of them are as good as the next one. For example, some brands may include CBD in high percentages, and other brands contain only a little bit. 


A good CBD brand is as good as its reputation to offer a high quality CBD product derived from high-quality, pure raw materials. There is no "cooking away" or "yeastizing" when extracting CBD oil. That cuts down on the cost of the finished product, and it ensures that the patient will get his or her dose of cannabis. The oils are processed quickly so that they don't spoil. Therefore, they are excellent for transport, storage, and consumption.


You may have to do your homework to find out what the best CBD oil is for your specific needs. Many smaller companies also import their own full spectrum oil, but you won't find the big names selling directly on the open market. Instead, they work with licensed producers to market their products under different brand names. Licensed producers who grow the cannabis themselves usually have a consistent supply of good-quality broad spectrum oil.


If you're looking for reliable, high-quality full spectrum CBD oil, you're probably going to need to go where the cannabis is grown. In Colorado, this means growing in the fifteen mile long Rocky Mountains. In Washington and Oregon, it means sourcing hemp and marijuana products grown in the Pacific Northwest.


The best CBD oil has been proven safe and effective (but not approved of by the FDA) as a potential consideration for chronic pain. When shopping for a good CBD brand, keep an eye out for good-quality products that are produced locally. Brands that make their wholesale products available only to pharmacies are not as concerned with growing high-quality plants. They are more concerned with revenue-generation. It's up to you to distinguish between a high-quality product, and a high-price product when choosing a source for your oil.


There are many reputable sources of the best CBD oils on the internet, including several manufacturers that have been producing high-quality oil since 1999. What you want are full spectrum CBD oil products which are sourced from an environmentally conscientious pharmaceutical companies in the USA. 

Are Any CBD Brands Approved by the FDA?

Broad spectrum CBD oil and full spectrum CBD oil, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is basically a plant extract obtained from the cannabis plant, which is known to yield a high amount of CBD oils when ingested. In fact, this substance has been used for centuries as an effective medicine for those suffering from serious illnesses, including the ones for which there are currently no cures. For people experiencing pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, nausea, migraines, sleep disorders and even some forms of cancer, CBD oil has been known to help alleviate these health problems in a safe and natural way without causing any harmful side effects.


So are there any FDA approved brands of CBD oil that are true? The answer to that question would actually be no, but CBD can be a very efficient source of pain relief when it is used topically or orally. There are two types of topical applications for which this oil is marketed - one is in the form of a cream or ointment while the other is in the form of an oral supplement. You can find out more about the benefits of CBD oil by trying these two topical applications, which were created by renowned health experts and are backed up by many years of research.


With more physicians and patients demanding more natural ways of healing, new alternative medications like those for arthritis or chronic pain came to the forefront. While prescription medication may offer relief for some, it can also come with side effects and even addiction issues. Also, when you think about it, these medications are not exactly natural and are just synthetic copies of what our bodies produce naturally.

Is there a difference between CBD brands for pets and people?

CBD is a great medicine, but is there a difference between brands for pets and people? Some of the different types of CBD oil are made for dogs, while others are made for humans. The dosage for both species varies, and there's no reason to assume one is better than the other. When choosing a CBD oil for your pet, make sure to choose one with a high potency. If you're unsure of the exact dose for your dog, check the label to make sure it's the right dosage for your pet.

You may also find that some of the ingredients in CBD oils for pets are non-beneficial, or at worst, harmful to humans.

When buying CBD for pets, make sure to look for full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. The human CBD oil contains more than one terpene, which is the chemical that makes you feel high. Luckily, the oil for pets has lower concentrations of THC, which is more beneficial for animals. In addition, the FDA caps the packaging and labeling of CBD products, so you have to look for a different brand for your pet.

CBD is good for both humans and pets. As a pet owner, you know that their health is our happiness and wellbeing. If you're interested in giving CBD to your pet, make sure you purchase the right brand. If you want to save money, consider buying higher-concentration products. Then, you can use the same hemp oil for both.

It's important to remember that the CBD oil for pets is human-grade. A pet's body weight will influence the dosage. When it comes to human-grade CBD oil, the product should contain only the ingredients used for humans. For pets, the dosage should not exceed ten milligrams per pound of body weight. The recommended dose for a dog is five milligrams.

A pet's CBD oil should contain only pure CBD. If it contains THC, it will be less effective. The best CBD product is flavored, which is the same in humans and pets. A person's dosage will be different than the dosage for people. A pet's body will respond better to human-grade products. If the ingredients aren't the same, then it's safe to assume the product isn't suitable for your pet.

CBD for pets isn't the same as for humans. The CBD for humans is higher and may be toxic for pets. If you are allergic to the drug, you should consult a veterinarian or a pharmacist before buying it. Besides, it's important to understand the difference between human and pet-grade products. For instance, if the product for humans has higher concentration than that for pets, it's better for the animal.

A dog CBD supplement may not be suitable for humans, and it's important to check the label for your pet's specific needs. It may contain a different percentage of CBD than the one for humans. A human CBD supplement will be different from the one for pets. However, most of the pet-grade products will have the same benefits, so it's important to know the differences.

Before deciding on the brand you'll use for your pet, you'll want to consider how much they weigh. Depending on the type of CBD oil you're using, your dog may have different needs. You'll need to decide if it's safe for your dog to consume. Regardless of which brand you choose, it will help your dog's health. If you're worried about the drug's side effects, consult with your veterinarian.

Are there any brands of CBD that are FDA approved?

While the FDA has not yet regulated CBD, it is working on the regulations and rules regarding the drug. It is important to know that a brand is not necessarily safe, even if the FDA approves it. Unapproved products have not been tested or evaluated by the agency, which may lead to adverse side effects. They are also unregulated, which can delay medical care and cause harm to the consumer.

There are a few brands of CBD that have been approved by the FDA for therapeutic uses. Syndros and Marinol are two brands that have been approved for this use in the United States. Both products contain dronabinol, a synthetic form of the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. Cesamet contains nabilone, which is synthetically derived and has a chemical structure similar to THC.

There are also products containing CBD that are approved by the FDA for children. Syndros and Marinol are two of the only two brands to have this certification. They contain a purified version of CBD that is legal in the U.S. Unlike many other hemp-derived products, these products contain high levels of THC, which can be harmful to the human body. To protect your family, it is best to consult a healthcare professional before using any kind of CBD product.

While there are many unapproved CBD products, a few products have undergone the FDA approval process. Syndros is a liquid solution containing CBD. It has been approved for the treatment of two forms of epilepsy. It is not known what the product will be able to do, so it is currently only approved for children. Despite these restrictions, many unapproved products are widely sold by companies who claim therapeutic benefits.

Although the FDA has not approved any CBD products, it has approved one brand. The FDA has also given permission to unapproved CBD products in states where cannabis is legal. It is important to remember that CBD is still illegal in some states. While it is legal in some places, it is still not legal in other areas. It can only be purchased by healthcare professionals with a prescription. You should also seek a doctor's advice before using any type of CBD product.

There are several brands of CBD that are FDA-approved. Some are marketed for infants, while others are intended for adults. These products are typically more effective for adults than those for children. Some of them are marketed for adults, while others are geared towards children. While it is possible to purchase an illegal CBD product, you should only buy it from a licensed healthcare provider. It is best to read the labels carefully before purchasing any products.

There are some brands of CBD that are FDA-approved. There are two products that are sold in the United States that contain CBD. They are both manufactured in the same way and contain the same active ingredient. Besides the two products, there are some other brands that aren't FDA-approved. It is important to read the labels carefully. It is crucial to make sure that you are getting the right products.

The FDA has approved a few brands of CBD, but they aren't all created equal. Some of these are illegal because they don't contain enough information to be FDA-approved. However, if the product is approved by the FDA, it has to be safe and effective. In addition, some brands contain ingredients that are similar to other brands. The best way to determine which brands are safe is to ask your pharmacist.

In the United States, the FDA has approved two brands of CBD. Syndros and Marinol are the most popular brands. Both contain THC, which is derived from the marijuana plant. These brands are FDA-approved products that contain a similar ingredient. Both companies also market products that contain a different active ingredient. It is important to look for the one that is approved for your needs.

How do I choose a CBD oil brand?

As the CBD oil market is very competitive, you can expect many brands and types of products. It is a good idea to look for a company with customer-focused policies and a good reputation. A good brand will offer a rewards program for repeat customers and discounts for new customers. It should also have an easy-to-navigate website that is informative and works on all devices. This will help you make the most educated decision possible.

To choose the best CBD oil, make sure the brand is made of all-natural and organic ingredients. These ingredients have been shown to have positive effects on your health and are better for the environment. Avoid artificial chemicals, such as parabens, as these can be harmful to your health. You can also verify the potency and quality of CBD oil by doing independent lab testing. Reputable companies will publish their results and will have third-party testing done to ensure safety and quality.

The price of the brand is another factor to consider. Some brands may have different prices depending on the concentration of CBD oil. The cost of a high-concentration brand might be prohibitive for those who need to take a high-dosage CBD oil. There are several brands of CBD oil, and you can trust the reviews of a CBD expert or a long-term consumer for advice.

Check the ingredients of the brand. If the product is not labeled as "organic," it may not be safe. Always choose a company with a high level of organic certification. This way, you'll know it has no pesticides or chemicals in its production. The higher the quality, the better. If you're concerned about your health, choose a quality CBD oil.

It's important to choose a CBD oil brand with a good reputation. It should be free from harmful additives and preservatives. Furthermore, it should be organic. This is essential for people who have sensitive stomachs. If you're interested in CBD oil, check for ingredients that are safe for you and your loved ones. The right brand will be a good choice for you.

The price of CBD oil varies widely. Choosing a brand with an affordable price is vital. You should be aware of the different brands and their prices. It's also important to find a vendor with a reputation for a reliable product. If you want to buy a CBD oil, don't forget to read the manufacturer's website and check the testimonials. Most sellers will be happy to help you make the decision.

Before buying CBD oil, make sure you ask the brand about the source. It should contain the hemp plant. This will ensure that the product contains the highest concentration of CBD. You should also inquire about the brand's extraction process. This is important because the price of CBD oil can vary greatly. It's important to know the source of the product before buying it. A company that uses organic ingredients and is certified organic is more beneficial for you.

A brand that has a comprehensive ingredient list is a good choice if you are concerned with safety. There are many different places to buy CBD oil, so it's important to find the one that has the best reputation. If you're looking for an oil with a higher concentration of CBD, consider the brand that uses organic ingredients. If you're not sure what you like, it's worth trying a different brand.

While it's possible to find CBD oil brands in stores, it's not easy to rank them. It's important to know the benefits and drawbacks of each brand, and then decide which one you prefer. The best ones have no side effects and are safe for daily consumption. Some people don't like the taste of hemp. They're sensitive to the flavor and don't tolerate it well.

Can You Mix Brands of CBD Oil

Can you mix brands of CBD oil? It really depends upon the brand, how you use the oil, and why you want to mix it. If you are using one brand topically and ingesting another brand you are probably fine. If you are using two separate brands topically or orally, then you might be getting a dosage of CBD that may be two little or two much. In most cases, you are probably better off just using a single brand at a time in order to ensure you are getting an accurate dosage.

Are There Any CBD Brands Specifically for Women?

There is currently no specific benefit or difference in pure CBD oils for men or women. The effects of CBD will likely be dependent upon body weight, body type and overall health. That said, there could be beneficial blends that include supplements or herbs that are designed to work specifically with the biochemical hormone profile of women. 

How do I pick a CBD brand?

So you're interested in the health benefits of CBD. But how do you pick a CBD brand? Here are a few tips to help you decide. Check the website. Look for third-party labs that conduct independent lab tests on the product. Some brands even post the results on their websites, and others include a QR code to link to their results on their label. In addition, look for a guarantee. This is the best way to avoid scams and fakes.

Read reviews. Consumers can find plenty of positive reviews online for reputable companies. While many companies have testimonials on their sites, you should make sure to read outside sources to be sure of the quality of their products. Some online reviews are biased, so be wary of these, too. It is best to compare user reviews from at least three different sources, so that you can form a better opinion about a company.

The certification of a product is crucial. Look for a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This document will show the composition of the product. A CBD-based product should come with a CLA or a COA. It is important to note that some online reviews are influenced by the company's own sales strategy. Generally, a certified brand will cost a bit more, but it is worth the extra money.

Check customer reviews. Customer reviews will give you an idea of how satisfied previous customers were with the product. You can also check for published lab tests. You can also check for a Certificate of Analysis when you're checking out CBD products. Often, it's worth spending a little extra on a certified brand. These brands usually offer higher quality products and may come with more positive certifications. It's worth the extra money.

Consider customer reviews. Most reputable brands have a long list of satisfied customers. If they have a blog, check it out to see what the other customers have to say about it. If you're unsure of the manufacturer's product, read customer reviews. Then, decide on a CBD brand. You should also check whether it's a certified brand or not. The certification is a good indication of the company's quality and purity.

Then, check for the quality of the CBD brand. You can do this by checking out the company's history and published lab tests. In addition, you can check the reviews of other customers. These reviews will give you an idea of whether the product is worth purchasing or not. And if it does, look for the certification. You can also read reviews from consumers who have used CBD products. It is recommended that you check the products' packaging.

In order to choose a CBD brand, look for the certificate of analysis. These documents should provide the exact number and composition of the CBD compounds in the product. Besides the COA, look for the third-party certifications of the company. It's also helpful to read the reviews of the manufacturer. They should provide details on the company's manufacturing and production processes. If it's certified, then it's a better choice.

Besides the certification, the other important thing to look for when selecting a CBD brand is the reputation. A reputable brand has a good reputation among consumers. Its reviews should be unbiased and non-biased. If the company is new, it should be trustworthy. Its online presence should be trustworthy. If the company's website has positive feedback, then it's probably a good choice.

Check the certifications. Unlike other products, a certificate of inspection will tell you about the quality of the CBD oil. If the label contains any guarantees of its safety and effectiveness, it's a good sign. But if you're looking for a CBD supplement, you'll need to consider a couple of things. A reliable brand should have the following certifications: A high quality product will be a reliable source of information.

Do different brands of CBD vary in effectiveness?

One of the most common questions asked by CBD users is "Do different brands of CBD vary in effectiveness?" The answer varies from brand to brand, depending on your needs and your symptoms. For example, a 300 milligram CBD oil may not be effective for some people, but it may be effective for another. A higher potency CBD oil is more effective, but it is recommended to start at a lower level and adjust your dosage accordingly.

CBD is an effective treatment for stress and anxiety. Its chemical structure makes it less addictive than other forms of marijuana and other drugs. It can also help you sleep better. In addition to relieving stress, it can increase feelings of relaxation and help you sleep more soundly. However, not all CBD products are the same. It is important to do your research so you can find the most effective one for you. You should be aware of the risks and benefits associated with taking CBD.

Taking CBD at night can reduce stress and anxiety, which helps with sleep. It has long been used to treat symptoms of insomnia, including migraines. But recent studies have focused on the effects of CBD on the body's natural sleep cycle. In fact, it has been proven effective for pain relief. Its benefits are similar to those of THC. In addition, it helps to prevent chronic inflammation in the body.

There are several factors that determine whether a CBD product is effective for a specific patient. Firstly, the brand you choose should be labeled as CBD. The FDA has not yet regulated this drug, so the brand you choose must carry a guarantee that it will work for you. Secondly, it must be effective for your condition. If you're taking an over-the-counter CBD product, you'll want to make sure the brand you're using contains a high enough amount of CBD for you to feel better.

It is possible to take CBD in various forms, such as edibles and capsules. It takes about 30 minutes to two hours to relieve symptoms when taken orally. When ingested, it may take up to two hours for the effects to take effect. But it can work within a matter of minutes. In addition, it is safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. If you're planning to take a CBD product, consult with your doctor.

Some brands of CBD contain less CBD than others. Some are more potent and more effective than others, but many consumers have to do their research to find the one that works best for them. There are several brands of CBD on the market that claim to be the best option for their needs. The only thing you'll need to do is look at the brand's website. You should be able to see which is the most potent.

The most effective CBD brands will help you sleep. Among the best brands, there are a wide range of products that claim to be effective for sleep. Some of the best CBD products will not cause side effects and will even reduce the amount of insomnia in your body. It will also help you stay away from alcohol and other drugs and will help you relax. You'll be able to find products with the best CBD content.

When it comes to effectiveness, there are a few things to keep in mind. In general, CBD products will provide you with a range of benefits, and you'll want to find a brand that will work best for your needs. The brand you choose should be able to make your life easier. For example, it will prevent you from spending too much time worrying about your body. When you're stressed, you'll be more prone to depression, which can make you feel depressed.

CBD has been found to be very effective in treating many ailments and conditions. The most popular of these include pain and inflammation. The best brands will contain a wide variety of ingredients and are carefully sourced. While each brand has its strengths, some of them may not be effective for the same reasons. Therefore, it's important to compare them side-by-side to find the one that's right for your needs.

How will I know if a CBD brand is reputable?

One way to know if a CBD brand is a reputable one is to look for customer testimonials and reviews. Consumers typically leave feedback about their experiences with various brands. A trustworthy vendor will provide insight on their farming, extraction, and testing practices. It is also a good idea to contact a third-party lab to have their products tested. This will help you find a reputable brand.

A good way to determine if a CBD brand is reputable is to check for the certification of analysis. If the product is certified by a third-party laboratory, then it is reputable. If it does not, then it's probably not. A reliable brand will have a certificate of analysis for all of its products. An independent laboratory should be able to verify the product's THC and CBD concentrations.

Besides providing a certification from the third-party lab, a brand should be transparent and honest about their products. While there are plenty of companies in the cannabis industry who provide the public with information about their products, consumers should look into whether the brand is owned or controlled by a third-party company.

A reputable brand will always have a recognizable reputation and a long list of satisfied customers. If a brand has many positive reviews, this is a good sign. However, consumers should make sure to check the source of the review. A company can post its customer testimonials on its own website, but these may be biased or unreliable. Choosing a CBD brand based on user reviews from a third party website will give them a better picture of the brand's reputation.

A brand that is reputable has a certificate of analysis. If a CBD oil is reputable, it has been tested by third-party labs and is certified organic. Its certification is a good indicator of purity. A certificate of analysis will be a reliable sign of a product's quality. This certification will tell you whether the product has passed all the necessary standards.

Read the reviews. If a CBD brand has customer reviews, they are more likely to be reliable. If a CBD brand has a certificate of analysis, it means that the company has completed rigorous testing and has no adware or fakery. A reputable CBD brand will also be transparent. It will also welcome consumer feedback and reviews on its website. If a company is transparent, it will allow customers to know its practices and get the most out of their purchase.

If a brand does not have a certificate of analysis, ask for it. Reputable brands will be willing to share their lab reports. Some brands have certifications from third-party labs. A company's COA will also tell you if the product has been tested by an independent laboratory. A certificate of analysis means that the product has undergone independent testing. These are two important things to look for when choosing a CBD product.

A reputable brand will have reviews on its website. These reviews are typically positive. It is important to look for a certificate of analysis, or COA. This means that the product has been tested by an independent lab. A COA will contain information about the product's THC and CBD concentrations. Inaccurate reviews of CBD products will make them unreliable, so make sure to check the source of the product's COA to ensure that the information you read is objective.

A reputable brand will have positive reviews, but it is important to check the source. While many companies have positive reviews on their websites, you should check out the COA of the product you're considering. A COA will show how the product was tested by an independent laboratory. A COA will also have a certificate of analysis for each of the ingredients that are present in the CBD product.

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